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Got any questions?  Hear us out!

How would you describe your wedding video style? Our wedding videos are documentary at core with a blend of slow motion shots to create a hint of cinematic flavour.

Do you backup the footage? Yes, we backup our raw footage clips to 2 different harddrives. We keep them safe for as long as we can.

What is your approach on the wedding day? We observe and record the ongoing activity as the busy wedding day unfolds. We interact with the family or guests to accquire bless messages for the newlyweds or to get some fun and cadid shots, yet we make sure that we do not interfere or delay the schedule.

How do you capture clean audio? For the ceremony, we put small recorders with a lav mic on the groom and the officiant. If a DJ is present and a microphone, we also have a spare recorder to hook up to the DJ's system/soundboard/mixer to get a clean audio output. This method also applies to record clean audio for the speeches at the reception. We always do redundant recording to make sure that we have spare clean audio tract as backup.

How do you work with the photographers? Communition is essential and we always discuss with the photographers how we are going to film in between downtimes. We record candid moments alongside the photographers so we will not in photographers' way. We have worked well with many photographers in all all wedding we have filmed.

How far do you travel for videography service? We travel to places mostly in Southern Ontario. For weddings/projects in Northern Ontario and outside of Ontario, please feel free to inquire.

How is the payment structured? We require 15% deposit payment to secure the wedding date for the client. The rest of payment is to be made the day before or the day after the wedding day, whichever day is more convenient for the couple.

When can we receive the edited video? How is it delivered? For wedding films and commercial projects, it takes about 2-12 weeks to complete the edit video, depending on how busy we are. The wedding film will be delivered in a digital link and also in a USB drive. The commercial project will be delivered via a Google Drive link for download.

From the start Thomas was just so professional and friendly! We’re so happy with the end product of our Wedding Video that he worked on so diligently for us. From the first meetings he was so open and inviting and open to what you would want your wedding video to encompass and be. We personally chose to do a longer format 15 minute video, the moments of our “getting ready” and our ceremony were truly beautifully captured and something so special that we can re-live again & again. Even the process after the wedding was so seamless, all the videos were given on time and any little tweaks we requested were more than handled. Thomas really did an amazing job. If you need somebody that will be professional, and get the job done and in a timely manner, he’s the guy to go to! I must say the longer format is what drew us to him as a wedding video that’s more than just highlights, it truly gave us something to experience the day over again.

Sheyera & Joshua

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